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Having worked for many years in women’s fashion for a large high street store I decided that whilst very comfortable advising customers I was intrigued to understand why certain pieces looked fab on some women yet not so successful on others so decided to deepen my knowledge and attend some training.

I looked at a number of accredited training companies and following a meeting with Lorraine at one of the Courses over Coffee events I decided Absolute Image was the right training academy for me. Not only was Lorraine very quick to respond to my initial enquiry I found her really easy to talk to. She was very clear in answering all my questions and instantly put me at ease. I left the event buzzing with excitement and thoroughly looking forward to starting my training.

I was fortunate to receive my training on a 1:1 basis with Lorraine which really helped as she was able to adapt the training to suit my learning style which was a great help in my understanding everything. Always professional yet fun and relaxed the training was delivered through a fantastic mix of theory, worked examples and practice. Lorraine’s knowledge and many years of experience from working in the industry were evident throughout.

Having successfully completed my training I now feel better equipped to advise my clients and am busy setting up my own image consultancy business – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend training with Absolute Image to anyone who is considering a career in the image industry.

Gemma Bourne

I have just completed a two-week intensive training course with Lorraine Iles, owner of Absolute Image and the current President of the Federation of Image Professionals International. Firstly, Lorraine is a walking advertisement for the clever use of colour to look your best and how to dress to suit your shape and personality, so when I met her I was immediately reassured that I’d be in capable hands. And then she sizzles and pops with colour, passion and knowledge as she teaches, and before I knew it I too was analysing colour, learning face and body shapes, working out whose figure suits which styles, fabrics, textures, accessories and much more. Lorraine has provided me with the building blocks to go out, consolidate and develop my learning into a business. She was consistently encouraging, patient and kind: the whole experience was very positive and such fun too! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as a trainer.

Laura Vale

I attended my training with Absolute Image on a modular basis completing the Colour Analysis Women’s Image & Style and Personal Shopping modules.

Completing the training is one of the most remarkable things I’ve done and I’m really enjoying using these powerful tools when selecting colours and styles in clothing and accessories for both myself and my clients. I also loved and have really enjoyed applying the tools I learnt on how to run a really fun, successful shopping experience with my clients.

I feel so blessed to have completed the training modules with Lorraine at Absolute Image.

Tuck Muntarbhorn

Andrea Hall

Image Consultancy Training

I would highly recommend (and have already done so) the powerful changes that Absolute Image consultations have on you. My wife had already completed her consultation and I have subsequently seen the effects that being confident in your colours and style can have on a person.

In what could easily been seen as more of a female focused industry, I felt I could benefit more than most as I always struggle with particular colours and styles. With an open mind I eagerly went for my consultation and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Knowing what colours and styles work best is great but even more critical is knowing what doesn’t work. Sometimes avoiding the worst is better than capturing the best!

I could go on but I would recommend anyone, man or woman, old or young, to make the best of their appearance and invest in a consultation with Absolute Image.

Shane Balkham

Colour Analysis, Personal styling

I went to Lorraine last year after having my baby to revamp my wardrobe. I needed help with understanding how to dress again! I wanted to look stylish and well put together, but with three young boys to look after I was up against it! Lorraine did my colours which was great as I found out that most of the colours that I naturally gravitated to were the ones that suited me as a winter but she also showed me some subtler shades which really helped to give my wardrobe a twist in a really simple way. She helped me understand how to dress for my shape and she also taught me how small changes could make a big difference to an outfit – the right scarf or belt, bracelet or change in necklace length could turn me from looking dreary to dramatic! It was a light bulb moment when Lorraine explained to me that I had a dramatic dressing style and the drama queen has well and truly been unleashed now and I’m loving it! Lorraine came shopping with me which was just a delight as she zoomed around the shop floors finding suitable outfits whilst I flung things on in the changing rooms. She even helped me find jeans that suit me which, believe me, is a small miracle in itself. She then helped me filter through my wardrobe and it is so lovely to wake up each morning, open the wardrobe and see a whole bunch of outfits I am pleased and comfortable to wear. Not only is Lorraine the consummate professional in what she does but we also had fun whilst we did it which made the whole experience a pleasure from beginning to end.

Jacky Power

Colour Analysis, Personal Styling, Wardrobe Management and Personal Shopping

Clair McHale

Colour Analysis


I now buy clothes with confidence knowing they are the right choice. No more desperate buys because it was a bargin or having to return mistakes – a much easier way to shop!

Judy B

Personal Shopping


Thank you so much for my colour consultation yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience – I found it fascinating and can’t wait to go shopping with my colour chart.

Helen R

Colour Analysis


I just wanted to say thank you for your helpful suggestions and guidance during your recent visit. On your arrival at my home you made me feel at ease and a while later I was prepared to confess the worst sins of my wardrobe. We delved deep and with a few laughs and more than a few ‘gentle persuasions’ from you, my wardrobe slowly began to change. It is still transforming into something that is more colourful, easier to use and much more me.

Melanie C

Wardrobe Management


Caroline Harding

Colour Analysis

Katie Weeks

Colour Analysis


Having met Lorraine, the colours I wear now sit comfortably in the lovely shades of cool summer. After my enlightening colour consultation with Lorraine I came away feeling positive, focussed and happier in myself.

Lorraine has a genuine desire to help people look and feel their best. She is truthful, focussed and professional – all wrapped up in a great sense of humour! I have attended Lorraine’s image workshops which I found to be informative and relaxed providing a great insight into how our minds work!

Her years of experience really shine through and she can tell body and face shapes with not much more than a few seconds look. For the first time I really feel my wardrobe is starting to work (without black!), giving me greater confidence and a more positive outlook.


Colour Analysis


Following a decision to take a career break, I woke up one morning to realise that my wardrobe housed predominately work clothes. As a new ‘stay at home mum’ I didn’t have a clue how to ‘do’ casual. Formal work clothes dominated 80% of my wardrobe. I realised if I wanted a new style I would need help to get it right. Too many mistakes had been made in the past through many sale purchases, clothes that no longer fitted or suited me and many fashion disasters. Luckily I had friends who had blossomed under Lorraine’s guidance and who highly recommended the services of Absolute Image.

My first consultation involved identifying my ‘palette of colours’, style and a makeover. Lorraine was quick to put me at ease which was much appreciated as discussing my ‘look’ could have been a traumatic experience! She was gentle and sensitive and guided me through the process, listening throughout and applying her extensive knowledge to my needs and life style. The surroundings were comfortable and professional, spotlessly clean and relaxing. My make up at the end of session looked stunning and enhanced my features (totally different to the makeup I had been using!). I left feeling more self-confident about my appearance, and with a clear understanding of colours and styles that suited me. I left brimming with excitement, and eager for Lorraine to ‘weed my wardrobe’ of all the disasters that I now realised were lingering there.

3 bin bags later and a shopping session with Lorraine, I can now confidently identify what to buy and how to wear it. Shopping is easier and less stressful as a result of Lorraine’s expertise. It’s also cheaper as I am no longer spending on clothes I don’t wear or don’t suit me. Lorraine gave me tips on jewellery, accessories, how to put clothes together, even the shades of my highlights! She is passionate about her trade and authentic in her service. Each of my 3 sessions with Lorraine were positive, fun and hugely informative. I am extremely grateful to Lorraine for giving me a style that suits my complexion, lifestyle, body shape, age and budget. I would ‘absolutely’ recommend Absolute Image. No one can fail but learn from Lorraine’s wealth of knowledge and skill in delivering a top class service.

Emma Smart

Colour Analysis, Personal Styling, Wardrobe Management and Personal Shopping



Jo Taylor

Style Me Confident Workshop