Layer Up

Layering is key to autumn/winter dressing and yet something I know a lot of people struggle with.  Not only can it help you when transitioning seasons it’s perfect for keeping warm during the coldest of days.

Here are my easy layering tips;

Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Stock up on long sleeve t-shirts.  They are such a fab staple in your wardrobe which you can layer up with dresses (sleeveless or strapped) and dungaree’s and wear under pretty much anything for an added layer or warmth. And if your needing something warmer opt for a coloured long sleeve thermal (M&S do some good one’s).  And if your stuck on finding some long sleeve t-shirts in colours from your pallet try

Knitted Vests

One of this seasons must have pieces there’s not much they can’t be worn with.  Wear them over a polo neck, long sleeve t-shirt, a shirt or your favourite dress.

Jumper & Sweaters

Knitwear is always such a popular item at this time of year. Worn over shirts, a dress, t-shirts they are great for when you need a more casual look.

Consider Textures

Layering different textures together works really well eg; a satin skirt or trousers with a fluffy knit.  Also be mindful of you

Outer Garments

Think a longer coat over a leather jacket or for a more casual look worn over a teddy jacket in your best colour

Keep The Layers Thin

To make the look work (and ensure you can still wear your coat) keep the layers thin – if Joey taught us anything, it’s that you need thin layers to make the look work. Thin layers that won’t add too much weight or bulk to the look.

Tonal Dressing

If layering colours feels a bit overwhelming start by wearing tones of the same colour.  If neutrals are your thing think grey’s, browns and blues.  And for those of you who fancy something bolder experiment with pinks, purples, reds and greens.

Add a Scarf

I couldn’t write this blog without mentioning the scarf.  I love a scarf and wouldn’t be without them but I appreciate they’re not everyone’s cup of tea.  That said they really are one of the best ways to keep the draught out when it’s really cold outside.

Consider The Fabric

Opting for fabrics that retain to keep your warm are cashmere, merino wool, cotton, corduroy, flannel and tweed.

How do you like to layer up?


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