Colour Analysis for Women & Men


Wearing colours that compliment your natural skin tone will make you look and feel more vibrant and fresh worn in the right way can actually make you look taller, slimmer, and younger!

Colour has a major influence on how we feel and how others react to us. More than this knowing just which colours are best suited to your natural skin tone can actually make you look more radiant, vibrant and yes, even younger!

In this incredible, confidence boosting 90 minute session we will identify your unique colour portfolio and show you how to use them in your jewellery, accessories, glasses, hair colour, hosiery and shoe choices. Worn in the right way, colour can create the illusion of you appearing wider or slimmer in all of the right places!

Consultations are inclusive of a full makeup application and a personal portfolio containing 30 colour swatches with notes detailing your best neutrals and accent colours.


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