Wardrobe Management for Women & Men


Do you wear 20% of  your clothes 80% of the time? Wardrobe management takes a look at your own wardrobe and identifies how to make the clothes you have work for you.

Your 2 hour wardrobe management session takes place in your own home where we can work through what you have, what’s working, what’s not and how to get more out of it. Using your shoes and accessories we’ll show you how to create outfits taking photographs as we go along and creating your very own look book so you’ll never have to guess or stress again!

With a de-cluttered wardrobe beautifully organised so that you can see what you’ll be wearing, we can identify key items you would benefit from adding so that you’ll wear all of your wardrobe all of the time. We’ll create a shopping list for you to take on your next shopping trip or we can help you do this on our personal shopping experience.

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