10 Simple Tips To Disguise Your Tummy

Women feeling insecure about their waistlines is something I hear a lot.  While exercise and diet can go some way to helping there are also plenty of things you can do with your wardrobe to look fabulous  in your clothes.  So if you want to hide your belly and feel confident in your look follow my tips below;

  1. Wearing a well fitted bra not only provides the right support, it stops the bust from sagging and in turn lengthens your body by creating more space between your bust and waist.  And wearing the right knick-noo’s is just as important.  While you might prefer to save the sculpting shapewear for special occasions opting for high waisted knickers will work wonders
  2. Wear a block colour in one of your best neutrals (navy, grey, black and brown all work really well) and then add a jacket or cardi over the top (worn open) in an accent colour from your pallet thus creating a slimming column effect down the centre of your outfit.
  3. Wrap, blouson and tunic style tops with low necklines are all great choices for hiding your tummy as are tops with an asymmetrical hemline.  Prints and patterns on your tops are also great for cleverly disguising the tummy area – just avoid horizontal stripes.
  4. Opt for soft draping fabrics (chiffon, linen, silk, light weight suede and brushed denim will all work well) and smooth wools.
  5. Create a strong shoulder line and use interesting accessories to draw the eye up towards your face and away from your tummy
  6. Flat fronted trousers work well by not adding additional bulk to the area and if skirts are your thing stitched down pleats and sarong (wrap) style are both very flattering cuts.
  7. Drop waisted, wrap and shift dresses can be very flattering
  8. Avoid shoulder bags stopping inline with your tummy
  9. When wearing long sleeves pull them up so they gather in the crease of your elbow – as well as lengthening your arms is draws the eye away from your tummy and to your waist
  10. Stick to wearing deeper colours below your waist – deeper colours help to diminish and make what they’re covering look smaller with lighter colours having the opposite effect.



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