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Personal Image – Uncover Your Style Personality

So how many of you have brought an item of clothing that excites you, to then feel uncomfortable every time you wear it?  Or perhaps you’ve adopted a similar look of someone who’s style you admire but no matter how hard you try the look just doesn’t work on you.

To be confident in how you present yourself to the world and develop your authentic style it’s important to understand your style personality.  In addition to learning how to dress for your shape, scale and proportions, understanding your style personality is an integral element of  your image & style journey and is a fantastic way of expressing and celebrating your individuality.  Learning how to reflect your personality in your clothing not only guarantees you make fewer buying mistakes (purchasing only pieces that are 100% you) it will ensure your style is consistent (but not boring)!

As I shared in my previous blog “Discover Your Personal Style” there are five style personalities; Natural, Feminine, Artistic, Dramatic and Classic.  Below are some key style attributes of each personality along with illustrations to help you identify which personality most reflects your style.  You may find you relate to one of the style personalities or a mix of two or more.



You love pretty feminine clothes & accessories and adore luxurious fabrics or details such as bow, ruffles, fringes and frills. You love the idea of dressing up and planning your wardrobe for every event, occasion and day to day wear.

fashion style feminine

Your Look: Pretty, graceful, lady-like, dreamy, dignified.


Personal style natural

You prefer casual styling and comfort is of prime importance. Cluttered looks and fussy styles/designs are rejected, opting instead for simple lines and low maintenance clothes. Walking around on six-inch stilettos is definitely not your idea of fun; flip-flops and sneakers are much more to your liking. Easy, relaxed dressing with minimum fuss is your signature.

personal style natural

Your Look: Casual, sporty, informal, friendly, unstructured, comfort over fashion.


personal image dramatic

A unique look is of high importance to you and you will spend time and money shopping for an interesting item in unusual shops and markets. You are great at putting together interesting combinations of colours and textures, accessories and fashion themes. You don’t often think of practicality or investment buys when purchasing clothes.

personal image dramatic

Your Look: Well groomed, striking, intimidating, unruffled, commanding, elegant


Personal image artistic

You like to make an entrance and your outfits, always have the wow factor and make a statement with your clothing ~ you are often attracted to wearing the latest fashions.

personal style artistic

Your Look: Fashion is an art, ethnic, free-spirited, adventurous, over sized.


personal image classic

You find it hard to dress down instead preferring a smart, neat & tidy look. You buy the best quality you can afford and are not very fashion orientated ~ you prefer to stay safe with your clothing combinations both at work and at home.

stylist classic

Your Look: Traditional, conservative, timeless, appears poised, air of elegance.


If you’d like to be more authentic in your personal style, get in touch and we can explore some options together.


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