Accessorise Your Dress With Ease

While accessorising (particularly if it’s not something you do very often) can be a bit of a challenge, finding the right accessories that compliment and balance your outfit, while reflecting your style go a long way to completing your look.  Follow these simple guidelines and you will be an expert in accessorising your dresses in no time!

Match your accessories to the colour of your dress

This is one of the easiest ways to accessorise.  While it’s by far the safest option, wearing accessories that are a similar colour to your dress will make your outfit look balanced and well put together.  While I’d suggest the matching doesn’t have to be exact it’s important to ensure the accessories have the same undertone and clarity of colour as your dress.

Match your accessories to a detail in the dress

Instead of matching your accessories to the main colour of your dress, match them to a secondary colour in your dress. This works especially well with patterned dresses, because there is more than one colour you can match your accessories with eg; if your dress is pink with white and blue flowers wear white or blue accessories.

Wear patterned accessories with a solid colour dress

If your dress is a solid colour, try wearing a patterned handbag or shoes. For example, you could wear tartan bag with a red dress.

Balance a bright coloured dresses with neutral accessories 

If your dress is a bright colour (think magenta pink, canary yellow, hot turquoise etc) choose accessories in neutral shades to offset it. Black, grey, navy, tan, brown and white are all great – just remember black, grey and white work better with colours that have a cool undertone while tan and brown will look fab with colours that have a warm undertone and the right navy works well across the two.  

And if you prefer a base metal wear gold with warmer undertones and silver with cooler undertones.

Wear subtle or solid-coloured accessories with a patterned dress
Patterned dresses already have a lot going on so opt for accessories that are one solid colour.  Adding in more pattern can become too much whereas solid coloured accessories are easier on the eye.  Try pink shoes with a black and white polka dot dress.


Wear bold coloured with a neutral colour dress

If you prefer wearing neutral colours like white, tan, brown, navy, grey and black adding a bright accessory will lift your outfit.  Whether it’s a statement necklace, your shoes (or maybe handbags are your thing) try to make one of your accessories a bright colour.
What’s your favourite way to accessorise?


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