Bags Galore

While some of the most common questions I hear from clients all the time are “what styles suit me” and “where can I find clothes to suit my shape” it’s just as important to consider the accessories we are wearing and using when creating the right look.

Here are my top tips to ensure your ready to step out with the right bag.

Choose A Bag To Mimic Your Bodyline

If you’ve a curvy silhouette a hobo or bucket bag are good choices and if you’ve an angular body shape opt for a tote, satchel or messenger style bag a they will compliment your bodyline.

Consider Where the Bag Stops

A shoulder bag with a shorter strap that stops at your waist wouldn’t be your best choice if you carry weight around your tummy as the bag will draw attention to it.  A hand held bag or a shoulder bag with a longer strap where the bag stops at your hip would be better.  In the same way if you’ve a fuller bust avoid tucking a clutch bag under your arm.

Match Your Bag to Your Scale

As with the size of detail and patterns on clothing ensure the bag you are using suits your scale.  If you have a small frame and are using a large bag , the bag will detract from your look. In the same way someone who is large scale carrying a small bag would look out of balance. And if you carry multiple things with you don’t fill your bag to the brim.  Instead choose a bag to keep your important things in and a separate bag for laptop and working documents.

Be Smart With Your Colour Choices

If in doubt a handbag in one of your best neutrals will always serve you well.  It will work well with all the colours in your pallet and can be used daily.  If however you tend to wear mainly neutral shades consider injecting a pop of colour into your look with a bag in your favourite shade!

Find One That Reflects Your Personality & Is Appropriate

Are you natural in your style?  Perhaps you prefer the boho look and a bag with fringing is your thing. Or maybe you dress in a feminine way and are drawn to a bag by a bow detail or floral pattern.  And if your not sure of your style personality but looking for your first bag choose a classic style as it will never go out of fashion, and you can combine it with different outfits.

Lastly your bags must be appropriate for the occasion. Taking an everyday bag to a wedding won’t cut it and neither can a clutch replace your work bag.

Do you have a favourite bag?


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