Choosing a Bikini for your Bodyshape

Bikini season brings to mind sun, sand, and some welcome rest and relaxation.  That said for many, choosing a bikini can feel like a daunting task. However with the right frame of mind, a little preparation and letting go of preconceived ideas bikini shopping can be an enjoyable experience.  Here are some pointers to help you choose a style that bests suits your body shape.


An hourglass body shape is characterised by a small waist with a full upper body and curvy hips.  A string bikini will accentuate your curves and draw attention to your waist.  If you’re very full busted an underwired bikini top will give you extra support.


An oval body shape is characterised by little definition at the waist and amazing legs.  Tankini’s work well with rouching or shapewear across the stomach.  Patterned tops will work wonders in disguising a tummy and opt for high cut bikini bottoms to show off your fabulous pins!

Pear shape

A pear shape is defined as having a straight upper body (often small busted), small waist and larger hips and full thighs.  A padded top will work wonders for balancing upper and lower body as will wearing a patterned top and plain bottoms to help draw the eye up and away from your lower half.  While high cut bottoms will help to lengthen and slim your thighs.

Athletic Shape

An athletic body shape is characterised by wide shoulders (can be full busted), broad back with a narrow waist and hips. Ladies who have this shape will often have great legs.  A halter neck bikini top (triangle cut works great) will help to slim the shoulder while a patterned or tie side bikini bottom will help to balance lower and upper body.

Straight Shape

Those with a straight body shape won’t have any curves.  Opting for a ruffle bikini will give the illusion of a shapelier figure by adding volume to those areas.

And don’t forget . . . . .

  • Lighter colours make larger, darker colours diminish (make smaller)
  • Patterns are great for disguising a specific area you don’t want to attract attention to and for balancing out your figure – helpful if you’re a combination body shape (athletic or pear shape)
  • Embellishments on your bikini work brilliantly for drawing attention to specific areas (and away from others)




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