Do You Blow Hot or Cold?

Do you find that you’re always hot or cold?  It might be something you’ve not thought about but both impact our style choices.

Feeling the heat

If you find yourself running hot then the only time you’re likely to think about layering up will be in the winter.

Where this is the case you need to give focus to your tops and ensure they are interesting.  Opting for tops with interesting necklines, different textures or asymmetric designs will ensure your outfits have the wow factor without having to layer up.

Patterns and prints (if that’s your thing) are going to be your best friend as you don’t need to think about teaming anything else with them.  Just make sure the patterns are to scale and in colours that enhance your features.  And if you prefer plain tops, give some thought to adding a few unusual accessories to your wardrobe to create focus and bring your outfits to life.

Breathable fabrics are your best choice – think cotton, linen

And if you feel the cold . . . . .

It’s likely you’ll need more clothes in the winter!

I’ve always felt the cold and have (with a lot of practice) mastered the art of layering.  Here’s my thoughts: Always take an extra layer with you even in the summer – a cardi, denim jacket, blazer or wrap are all great, particularly given evenings can often get chilly and moving from outside in the heat into an air-conditioned environment is no fun when you easily feel the cold.

Knowing what colours suit you is a real advantage here as it makes choosing garments that can easily be worn together so much easy.

When it comes to winter opt for fine layering items.  I find three layers works well but have a play and see what works best for you.  I’m a big fan of base layers with fine knits over the top (think merino, cashmere and synthetic fabrics work well as they retain the heat), super soft fleeces when chilling out at home and chunky knits for those cold, raining days stood on the touch line

And the I can’t manage without it accessory would have to be scarves.  Whether you love patterned one or prefer to add a pop of colour in one of your best colours they work wonders at keeping you warm and bringing a simple outfit to life.

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