Fall In Love With Your Wardrobe

February is often known for being a month dedicated to and all about love.

But it’s not only about chocolates, roses and romantic dinners for two. It can also be a month for self-love, self-care and a great time to fall in love with your wardrobe.

“But how do I fall in love with my wardrobe?” I hear you cry.

Start by taking some time to reflect on where you feel your wardrobe supports you well. So which areas of your life do you have plenty of great outfit options to wear which fit well, feel good and look fab?

An easy way to do this is to list what you do in 24hrs (or a week) eg; work, being a mum, walking the dog, sports/gym, hobbies, shopping, social etc.  Next, think about the items in your wardrobe and put them into one of the following categories;

  • Business wear
  • Smart casual wear
  • Casual wear
  • Evening wear
  • Sportswear

What you’re aiming for is a balance between the clothes you have for each part of your lifestyle in relation to your working life, home life/downtime (inc; gardening, cleaning etc), fitness time, special occasions and not your wardrobe budget (your business wardrobe will likely cost more than your casual wardrobe).

It’s common (particularly if doing this for the first time) to find you’ve a mismatch of clothes from the above categories. This can be due to;

  • Holding onto pieces which are past their best or no longer fit
  • Your lifestyle has changed
  • You’re unsure of what suits your body shape and reflects your style personality
  • Some of your clothes don’t suit your skin tone

Evaluate the pieces in your wardrobe using the points above and remove any items which are no longer serving you. If in doubt keep the item for another month and if you’ve not worn it in this time move it on. Don’t worry if you end up with 20 pieces or 60 – the number doesn’t matter as long as every piece you keep is one you love.

Now you’ve created some space in your wardrobe (that’s a good thing) and let go of what’s not working, it’s time to focus on the pieces you’ve kept and understand why you love them.  Is it the cut fits you well?  Perhaps the colour really suits you or you feel super confident when wearing them.  You may find a pattern emerges where you’ve several outfits for work that you love and feel-good wearing, while your casual wardrobe needs some attention.

It’s helpful at this stage to get super specific and identify the key elements of your favourite outfits so you can bring more of them into your outfits across all categories.  Is it;

  • You love wearing print
  • Puff sleeves, ruffles, fringes and frills are your thing
  • Deep ‘v’ necks slim your neck and bust
  • High waisted trousers give you a great shape
  • Your drawn to striking, bold and unusual accessories
Mix and match

The last step is to look at the clothing you have and see which categories already tick the boxes with your key elements and see where you can mix and match pieces in your wardrobe across the different categories to create new outfits eg; inject some life into your go to weekend look of jeans and a t-shirt by adding a bold necklace and leopard print belt.  Or taking a puff sleeve blouse from your work wardrobe and team it with faux leather trousers and pumps for lunch with the girls.

I hope this helps you fall in love with your wardrobe and if you’re ready to learn more click the link below and download my guide; From Drab to Fab – 10 steps to transform your style.



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