How to buy the Perfect Pair of Sunglasses

As straightforward as you may think shopping for sunglasses should be the reality is often very different. Whether trying on in store or ordering online with a wide variety of frames in different colours and styles to choose from finding a pair that tick all the boxes can be a nightmare.

In an ideal world, we’d all have a dozen pairs to suit our ever-changing mood and look, but in reality, glasses can be expensive (especially if you have prescription lenses) so you want to make sure the ones you get are not only providing great UV protection and durability you also want them to be as flattering as possible.

Here’s everything you need to know about buying sunglasses to compliment your colouring and suit your face shape and style.

Face Shapes

When picking a pair to suit your face shape choose a pair that balance out your proportions.



Most shapes suit – opt for a slightly wider frame if your face is long


D Shape Sunglasses – Specsavers



Oval shape and softened square frames will look great.  A clear bridge and high set arms will help to lengthen your face


Prada Sunglasses – John Lewis



Square shape frames and low set arms and/or bridges will work well adding width to your face


Bvlgari iva Metal Framed Sunglasses –



Soften a strong jaw line and wide cheekbones choosing a curvy style frame with high set arms


Tortoiseshell Polarised Sunglasses – Boots



Avoid heavy top frames instead opting for softened rectangular shape frames with low set arms


Ted Baker Britta Sunglasses –



Avoid adding width at the temples – avaitor and cat’s eye style will both look great.


Aviator Rayban Sunglasses – Sunglass Hut


1. Choose colours to match your overall colouring

If cool undertone:  try blue, black, grey, silver, white, red, pink and purple frames, and grey, blue, pink, purple or black lenses

41jht5Nv29L._UX522_ download 889652048888_000A

White Wayfarers sunglasses –

Black Prada sunglasses – Sunglass Hut

Pink Channel sunglasses –

If warm undertone: try tortoiseshell, olive, brown, gold, and bronze frames and brown or green lenses

ladies-coral-sunglasses-ea4008-508313-56-p3110-10780_thumb             chanel-stylised-blue-camo-aviator-sunglasses-with-gradient-lenses-p1355-8024_zoom          725125716000_shad_qt

Emporio Armani Coral sunglasses – Oliver Bonas

Channel Olive Green Avaitor sunglasses –

Versace Gold and Brown sunglasses – Sunglass Hut

2. Follow the natural line of the eyebrow 

The top bar should imitate the shape of, or cover your eyebrows.  If you have bits of eyebrows visible, try a different frame that covers them

3. Ensure the widest part of the frame is no wider than the broadest part of your face

This ensures the width of the glasses are in balance with the width of your face

4. Eyes should be in center of lens

This is particuarly important if your sunglasses have prescription lenses.  Most lenses are ground concavely on the inner surface and convex on the outer surface.  If your eyes are not in the center of the lens it can lead to eye strain.  You should not be able to see out of the top, bottom or the sides of the frames without straining to look through those areas. Your lenses should cover about 80 to 90% of your field of vision.

5. Choose frames in proportion to face size

The scale of the frames shouldn’t overwhelm the size of your face and features

6. Glasses Bridge

A low or dark bridge will shorten your nose and a high or clear bridge will make the most of a small nose

7. Balancing Wide or Close Set Eyes

Opt for darker bridges to bring wide eyes together and a clear or narrow bridge to widen close set eyes

6. Quality

It’s worth investing where possible in sunglasses that reach high standards as the lenses are protecting your eyes and your ability to see.

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