How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe

“I never have anything to wear”.

If that sounds familiar, there is hope.  It is possible to:

Spend half the money – Own half the clothes – Have twice as much to wear

But how? I hear you ask.  By creating a capsule wardrobe!

Having a successful wardrobe that you love and can co-ordinate with ease isn’t about having hundreds of clothes. It’s about selecting the right pieces in your wardrobe that compliment your colouring, and body shape while reflecting your lifestyle and personality and then mixing and matching the pieces to create a number of different looks.  They’re also a great way of getting more mileage from each item in your wardrobe and a sure fire way of  getting up and dressed each day fast and stress free.


I’ve created below a capsule wardrobe which crosses over for work and social to give an idea of how easy it is to make your clothes work harder for you but most of us need a number of capsule wardrobes. Depending upon our lifestyles we may need them for work, home, social events and for different seasons if we live in a seasonal environment which has a distinctly different summer to winter.

Capsule Wardrobe

This wardrobe capsule is a selection of 15 garments – 1 x jacket, 2-3 skirts, 2-3 trousers, 1 x two piece or simple dress, 6 x tops, 1 x knitted jacket, cardi, wrap or poncho plus accessories – scarves, belts, bags and shoes (you can include gloves and hats too if  that’s your preference) to create different looks and jewellery to add focal points and detail. With the 15 garments alone 23 different outfits can easily be created before adding in the accessories and shoes to create another 20+ looks.

When creating your own capsule wardrobe start with existing pieces in your wardrobe.  You may find you have part of a capsule wardrobe but need to add in a top or two, a pair of trousers or some accessories to make it work for you.


What are your essential items that you wear over and over?

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