How To Dress A Full Bust

Blessed with a fuller bust?

I’m a firm believer having a big bust (small bust, large hips or any other body characteristic for that matter) shouldn’t compromise your confidence or style.

Some of you may already have a good idea of what works for you but if you’re busty and finding yourself hiding you boobs under over sized shirts, loose fitting sweater and baggy t-shirts read my practical tips for what to make a beeline for when it comes to your wardrobe.

The Right Clothing Lines

  • Investing in the right bra is crucial!  Not only will it provide you with the right support it will also give you a fabulous silhouette under your clothing.  Even if you are certain of your bra size it’s always worth an expert fitting every time you purchase a new bra
  • Keep the focus upwards and interesting – an unusual necklace, ‘wow’ earrings or bright lipstick are all great ways of keeping the eye moving upwards to our face
  • Opt for open collars and ‘v’ necks – they will help to visually lengthen your body and create a slimming effect
  • Wrap dresses are your best friend as often as they can accommodate a fuller bust while nipping you in at the waist and fitting your lower body.  Shirtdresses call also work well but remember it’s important to add a belt to highlight your waist, particularly if you’re petite.

Colour Matters

  • Darker colours worn on your upper body are more slimming (lighter colours make the area they cover appear larger).

Fabrics & Patterns

  • When it comes to patterns plain is always a safe option.  But if you can’t live without pattern in your wardrobe then ensure it mimics your bodyline and scale
  • Opt for non-clingy and smooth fabrics and knits – both will give a minimising effect.


  • Opt for interesting pieces of jewellery and ensure shoulder bags stop below your bust.  Clutch bags should be held in your hand and not tucked under your arm as this will attract the eye to your bust

Best To Avoid

  • Puffed or short sleeves.  Puffed sleeves add volume to your upper body and short sleeves will stop in line with your bust drawing the eye to this area
  • Breast pockets and ruffles as these will add draw the area to your bust and add volume to your upper body
  • Wearing baggy tops and dresses that ‘hang’ from your boobs as these can make you look like you have a much larger stomach than you actually do.



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