Navigating the Sales Successfully

It’s soon to be that time of year again when nearly every shop window will have discount signs screaming at us. In order to prevent getting caught up in the excitement of the sales and ending up with a load of pieces in your wardrobe you never wear read my guide to help you navigate the sale successfully.

Don’t go off Piste

There’s a temptation to go off piste when it comes to sales shopping. Usually when we want to buy something we love, we head to our favourite go-to brands (or stores) as we like the range of colours and styles they offer and we know their clothes fit well.  Yet for some reason sale shopping can see us throw caution to the wind and before we know it we’re purchasing pieces in shops we rarely step foot in or buying pieces we don’t really need. If you relate my advise is to resist the temptation and stick with the brands you know and love.

Shop with a List

Ahead of shopping the sales it’s worth taking the time to go through your wardrobe and make a list of pieces you need which will add to your wardrobe.  It will keep you focused when you hit the shops and help you avoid purchasing pieces you’ll never wear.

Don’t forget your budget parameters

It’s so important before you head out to decided your budget and then exercise self discipline.  Give yourself a maximum spend and only buy something if you can truly afford it.  Remember, your better to return home with one piece you love and are going to get lots of wear out of than overspending on several items which sit in your wardrobe unworn.

Test your purchase for wearability, durability & maintenance

When making a purchase always take the time to try it on and test what your planning to buy for wearability, durability and maintenance.  By that I mean are the pieces suitable for what you want them for. Durability – if most of your day is spent driving a linen suit would not be the best choice.  And garment maintenance – a cream suit would likely need dry clean after every wear.  Is the cost worth it?

Keep your receipts & check the returns policy

Always keep hold of your receipts (especially when purchasing items in the sale) and make sure you check the returns policy.  Some sale items can be returned within a shorter than normal timescale while other shops offer an exchange or credit note.  Exchanges and credit notes are fine but not so useful if your shopping in store you don’t usually buy from.

Does it excite you or can you live without it?

Don’t buy anything unless it really excites you and if it involves needing to buy other items as it will end up sitting in your wardrobe.  Instead when you think you’ve found something you like ask yourself. Can I;

  • Wear it with 3 existing items in my wardrobe?
  • Wear it to 3 different occasions?
  • Wear it over 3 different seasons?
  • Wear it for 3 years?

If the answers isn’t yes to all four questions put the item back and keep looking until you find a piece that ticks all the boxes.

Do your research before hitting the shops

Do your research before your hit the shops.  This is particularly important if you’re wanting to pick up a specific designer piece that’s available in several stores.  Many retailers reveal what they plan to do ahead of time, so shop around and make sure you know where to find the best deals.  Looking around in advance could save you huge amounts of money

Shop early

If you want to get the best deals or are after a particular size or style it’s a good idea to shop early. Many stores have the best deals at the start of the sale and popular items and sizes are likely to sell out quickly. Plus crowds increase during the middle of the day and last thing in the afternoon.

Dress for the occasion

Always wear something comfortable and easy to change in and out of when shopping the sales (leggings, a t-shirt and shoes you can slip on an off are ideal). Wear a cross body bag if you have one so you can shop hands free and remember to wear some make-up – it will give you a much better idea of how pieces your trying on will look.  And don’t forget to bring some water and your patience.

Will you be shopping the sales this year?

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