Packing Made Easy

Whether you’re packing for a weekend city break, a two week beach holiday or a walking trip in the Peak District follow my top tips for stress-free packing. 

Set aside your flight clothes

Before packing decide what you will wear for your flight and set them to one side.  Next, think about the items you will want to keep on you while travelling (glasses, phone charger, headphones, hand sanitiser and tissues etc).  Bear in mind the temperature on planes can vary so be sure to wear some layers so your ready.

Keep your colour scheme simple

One of the easiest ways to create a capsule wardrobe is to opt for wearing neutrals (think navy, black, white and camel) worn with a splash of colour and/or pattern.  

Packing Order

Check what time of day (or night) you will be arriving at your destination and the items you will be wanting to access first.  Whether you’ll be immediately hitting the beach or heading straight to bed on your arrival be sure to pack these items last so they are near the top of your case and easily accessible.

Pack your heaviest items at the bottom of the case.  This will ensure your case stays upright when stationery, is easy to roll with the weight at the bottom and avoid heavy items crushing your other belongings.

If travelling as a couple or family separate you clothes across two suitcases.  It takes a bit more organisation but will save you a load of aggravation on the off chance you arrive at your destination airport to find your case hasn’t made it.  You will at least have some underwear, swimwear and a couple of outfits to keep you ticking over until your reunited with the rest of your luggage.

Edit your suitcase

Lay out what you think you will need and then edit it ruthlessly.  Review everything you plan to pack (most women only wear half of the items they take with them) and get rid of all items in the “just in case” category.  Unless your heading into the Amazon, if and when you need it, you can buy it.

Use compression packing cubes

Packing cubes are one of my favourite packing tools and save loads more space than regular packing cubes. They help keep your suitcase well organised (finding items is so much easier), you can still roll your clothing (great for saving space and preventing creases) and if your packing for the family opt for different colour cubes for each person so everyone’s items are super easy to identify.

Opt for solid toiletories

Consider replacing liquids with solid forms when possible. They take up less space (and weight) and are great for the environment. And if using only carry on luggage they don’t count towards your liquid allowance.  

If however you still need to pack some liquids in your case make sure they’re well sealed to prevent any unnecessary leaks. You can either pop them in bags to protect your clothes.  Or if you have the time undo the lids and cover the tops of any bottles with a small piece of plastic ( I find cling film works well) and replace the lid.  And if you can’t remove the lid pop some tape over the top to secure the opening in place.

Don’t forget a laundry bag for dirties

This one often gets forgotten as we’re too busy thinking about what to pack and not about the return journey.  A couple of bins liners work a treat.  Providing they’re not too dirty (or smelly) they can be used for your rubbish bins once home. Plus it keeps your packing cubes clean for the next time you go away.

Pack all chargers, valuables and irreplaceable essentials in your carry on

When packing always ensure you place chargers, valuable and irreplaceable essentials in your carry on.  These are things like medications, jewellery, tablets/laptops, contact lenses, glasses etc.  And on the subject of medications if taking prescription drugs take extra with you so you have plenty on the off chance your return home is delayed.

Happy holidays!

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