Party Dressing for your Body Shape

When it comes to choosing a party dress, there are many things to consider such as colour, fabric, budget and style personality but choosing a dress that really works for your body shape will help you to feel confident, sassy and proud of your body so that you can enjoy your events without worry. 

Here are my guidelines for party outfits to suit your body shape:


Full upper body, broad shoulders with a small waist, wide hipline and fuller thighs.  Shoulders and hips are the same width.

  • Highlight your defined waist with fitted dresses or outfits that cinch at the waist
  • Wrap dresses, bodycon dresses, and peplum tops will accentuate your curves
  • V-necklines and scoop necks draw attention to your décolletage
  • Choose soft, medium weight fabrics like chiffon, satin, velvet and soft lace that follow your fab curves
  • Accessorise with belts to emphasise your waist and an interesting pendent to create a balance point if opting for a deeper neckline.

Apple (oval)

Full upper body and waist line, prominent tummy and fab legs.

  • Empire waist dresses and drop waist dresses are flattering
  • You’ll likely have great pins so show them off!
  • Choose outfits with details around the neckline (think sequins and embellishments) to draw the eye upward
  • Wide leg trousers worn with a loose fitting vest and unstructured jackets will look great if dresses aren’t your thing.  Or a scarf worn loosely around your neck can replace a jacket
  • Opt for smooth medium weight fabrics – velvet, lace
  • Accessorise with hand held bags and interesting pieces of jewellery to draw the eye up to your face.

Pear Shape

Straight upper body, small waist, wide hips and fuller thighs. Shoulders are narrower than the hips.

  • A-line dresses or skirts that flare out from the waist are ideal
  • Opt for tops with embellishments, patterns or texture to draw attention to your upper body
  • Capped/puff sleeves will help to balance upper and lower body
  • Separates can work well for this body shape due to the size difference in upper and lower body
  • Straight leg trousers in deeper colours paired with lighter tops will create a balanced look
  • Wrap skirts will flatter
  • Wear a clutch bag tucked under you arm to emphasise your waist
  • Choose fabrics which retain their shape and/or have texture on your upper body – gaberdine, cotton and smooth medium weight fabrics on your lower body – wool jersey, taffeta and velvet.


Straight shoulders, no defined waist and narrow hips (often have slender legs).

  • Create the illusion of curves with peplum tops or dresses
  • Dresses with ruffles and frills, set-in and pleated sleeves will all help to add volume
  • Belts can define your waist and add shape to shift dresses or tunics
  • Choose dresses with ruching or draping to add dimension
  • Centre/side pleats or slits on skirts and dresses
  • Opt for trousers in a straight cut or tapered styles
  • Textured fabrics will add volume
  • Use interesting accessories worn near your face to draw the eye up, belts to create a waist and shoulder bags that stop at your waist.


Wide shoulders, can be full busted with narrow waist and hips (often have slender legs).

  • Opt for dresses that emphasise your waist to create balance
  • Dresses and skirts with ruffles, layering or pleats will help to balance your upper and lower body
  • A-line skirts with a flared hem can add volume to your lower half
  • Patterned and textured trousers in a straight cut or tapered style will help to balance your hips and shoulders
  • V-necklines will soften broader shoulders
  • Textured fabrics are better worn on the lower body and will help to balance your hips and shoulders
  • Keep accessories simple and opt for a hand held bag.

General Tips for All Body Shapes:

  • Tailoring is key. Ensure your clothes fit well and consider alterations if necessary
  • Use accessories strategically to draw attention to your best features
  • Pay attention to fabric choices; softer fabrics drape well, while structured fabrics add definition.
  • Consider shapewear if you want to enhance or streamline specific areas
  • Shiny fabrics will highlight and make the area they are covering appear larger
  • Matt/deep colour fabrics will diminish and make the area they are covering appear smaller
  • Consider your scale when choosing accessories, patterns and details in your outfit
  • Vertical stripes will lengthen while horizontals will shorten.

In addition to the above remember your personal style, the colour and comfort are also key in finding the perfect party outfit and it’s worth taking some time to experiment with different styles and colours to discover what makes you feel confident and fabulous. Alternatively

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