The Art of Wearing Neutrals

I love wearing neutrals and believe they are the building blocks to a successfully curated wardrobe. They don’t date, can be mixed with different shades to create endless outfits and are a great choice for those who prefer a more minimalist style, providing a simple, elegant look.

Black, white, grey, beige, brown and navy are the obvious shades, recognised by most. But there are many more including moss green, peacock blue, aubergine, pine green, pewter to name a few – have a play with these under used neutrals and see how you get on.

Mix different textures and fabrics

When wearing just neutrals creating interest is key. Mixing up the textures of your neutrals through different fabrics such as leather, denim and wool is an easy way to do this – think pairing a grey denim with a chunky charcoal knit topped with a silver scarf.

Layering is another great way to add dimension to neutral outfits and is especially useful during the colder months.

Play with patterns

Mixing and matching different patters will also create more interest.  Polka dots with stripes or a paisley with a geometric print.  You can have some fun with this and anything goes – just remember when mixing prints to pair a larger print with a smaller one to give a visually balanced look.

Use statement accessories

Pulling your outfit together is always key. And when wearing neutrals (particularly if you’re not so comfy wearing pattern) a good statement accessory can do just that. Adding a statement belt to a cream top and trousers will bring it to life as would adding an interesting bag, statement shoe or a fab pieces of jewellery.

Think of accessories as adding the finishing touches that will elevate your head-to-toe neutral look making you feel uber stylish and letting the simplicity of the outfit speak for itself.

How do you wear neutrals?

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