Top 5 Tips To Managing Your Hair During Lockdown

So with no idea when we’ll next see our hairdressers, the luxury of having some pamper time and our regular cut or colour seems a distant memory.

For some, panicky thoughts of “what am I going to do about my hair” will be going through their minds while others will be taking the plunge and having a go at a bit of DIY hairdressing.

Whether it’s length of fringe, your roots starting to show or unruly split ends if you’re struggling to pluck up the courage to reach for the scissors or bottle of hair dye and are worried about mucking it up read my top five tips on how to maintain your colour and style until you can next get to your hairdressers.


If you’re not brave enough to dye your own hair try using a root touch-up powder or spray. The Wow brand is a great one – unlike hair dye it’s a reflective mineral powder giving.  It gives a seamless look, stays in until you next wash your hair and doesn’t rub off on your pillows.  Or as I shared with a friend of mine if you’re really stuck mascara is great for disguising those pesky grey hairs but best used only for an emergency.

And remember for those with a cool undertone embracing the grey will work for you than those of us with a warm undertone where it will age us.  So if you’re thinking about giving it a go what better time than while in lock down.

Freshen Your Hair After Exercise

Before you begin your work out, apply some dry shampoo to your hair.  It will soak up oil as you sweat and then once you have finished your work out, blast your roots with a hairdryer.  Not only will it give your hair volume it will remove any remaining grease or sweat.

Fringe Benefits

If you’ve a fringe that’s getting in your eyes try wearing it swept off your face or pinned back – remember it’s only temporary and you never know you might even get to like it.

Experiment With Scarves 

For longer and more unruly hair why not experiment with some different updo’s or embrace a hair band or scarf? Both are great for keeping your hair off you face.  The trick is to pick one that’s right for you – if you’ve smaller features opt for one that’s not big or bulky.  And choose a colour and print that matches your pallet and reflects your personality.

Give Your Hair Some TLC

With our social lives pretty much non-existent now is the perfect time to treat your hair to some pampering you may not normally have time to do. Shampooing strips your hair of it’s own natural oils so now’s a great time to re-nourish your hair with a conditioning mask.  Leave it on for at least ten minutes or while you have a soak in the bath – you’ll really feel the benefit.

Have you braved a home colour kit or some DIY styling?


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