Ultimate Guide to Surviving the Sales

So who’s for grabbing a bargin (or two) in the post Christmas sales? This time of year can be a discount hunters dream but before you rush out to grab some great deals and join the masses descending upon the shops take a minute to read my guide to surviving the sales and making the most of your trip.

Establish your List

Before heading out take the time to have a good look through your wardrobe and make a list of what you are missing.  If you’re missing some key pieces in your wardrobe make them your priority.  If your bored with your wardrobe and fancy adding some excitement look for some new accessories to jazz up your existing outfits. Having a list of what your shopping for will help you focus when you hit the shops (whether in person or online) and block out all the other items vying for your attention.


Establish your budget and don’t go beyond it.  Give yourself a minimum and a maximum price for what you’re willing to spend on an item.  The maximum might be a bit out of your comfort zone, but you’ll be willing to spend it for something exquisite. The minimum price point determines the level of quality you’re going for.  Only buy it if you love it and you can truly afford it!

Stick To Your List

Stay true to your original list.  Think about quality and value for money as opposed to something that is just going cheap. If you don’t have something in your closet to go with the item or if you really don’t need it it’s a waste of money.  Before parting with your pennies ask yourself do I love it or can I live without it?

Plan Your Trip

Plan your trip and get there early – crowds increase during the middle of the day and also last thing in the afternoon so try to avoid congested places at those times.

Do a Price Comparison Check

Before making your purchase, check that the product isn’t available cheaper elsewhere using a price comparison app. And when shopping instore check the items you’re wanting aren’t cheaper online with the same retailer as sometimes items will be in the sale online but not instore.

Go Equipped

Wear comfy shoes and carry a bottle of water in your bag. If you’re heading for a shopping centre leave your coat in the car. Shops can get really hot, even more so when they’re busy.

Focus On Fit And Feel

Focus on the fit and how your chosen pieces make you FEEL and ignore what size it is.

Keep Your Receipts

Keep your receipts after each purchase, don’t just chuck it in your handbag as you might need it later.  Many stores have different return policies during sales so it’s worth checking this out before making a purchase.

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