Wardrobe Secrets

Do you dream of having a well organised wardrobe but don’t know where to start?

We all have to get dressed every day, sometimes more than once for different activities so it’s no wonder that without a system in place your clothes, shoes and accessories can easily get messed up.

When it comes to our wardrobes, there are a few common things I hear clients say all the time.

I haven’t got anything to wear

I can’t find….

My …. is in the wash!

If this sounds familiar there is hope – it is possible to learn how to organise your wardrobe saving you save time and energy every day while easily finding what you need, when you need it!

The most valuable item in your wardrobe is SPACE!  Before I spill the secrets on how to achieve a well organised wardrobe lets turn our attention to how best to sort through the items you have in your wardrobe.

1. Start with this season’s outfits e.g. Summer or Winter – it can be too much of a daunting task to do it all at once.  If the idea of tackling everything from one season feels overwhelming, divide and conquer. Sort through your tops, trousers and skirts one day followed by your shoes and outerwear the following weekend

2. Try on outfits in a full-length mirror.  If you’ve not room on a wall for a full length mirror put one on the inside of your wardrobe door

3. Does the colour suit my complexion?

4. Does it fit?  Be honest even if you do lose weight will it still be in fashion?

5. If you’ve not worn an item of clothing in the last 12 months it really needs to go.  If you can’t bear to throw it out now – keep the item for six months and then re-evaluate

6. Ask yourself “Is the item a true reflection of my style personality?” If it’s a no move it on!

7. If the item is outdated or has seen better days it really needs to go – a charity shop, humanity bin or jumble sale will all be grateful for your contributions

8. Is it damaged in any way eg; dropped hem, ripped, stains, missing buttons, broken zip, fading etc?  If you can’t repair it or are unlikely to make the effort to get it don’t return it to your wardrobe.

9. Ask yourself “If I was shopping right now, would I buy this?”

10. And most importantly ; “Do I feel confident when I wear this?”

Once you’ve sorted through the items in your wardrobe your ready to get organising.  Follow my tips below for an easy and fuss free way to manage your wardrobe.

1. Hang clothes in garment categories – skirts with skirts etc

2. Hang clothes in colour categories


3. Separate suits

4. Do not cover clothes – if you can’t see them, you won’t wear them

5. Fold, don’t hang loose knit or heavy sweaters – they’re likely to lose their shape on a hanger

6. Use the inside of your wardrobe door for extra storage space – put up some hooks to hang your jewellery


7. If you’ve space in your wardrobe invest in a shoe rack to fit under your clothes.  Hanging shoe racks works well if short on space

                 shoe-racks-for-closet-plans       shoe-hanging-door-organiser-sources-are-houzz-com-and-livinginashoebox-com-and-ariannabelle-com_  

8. Use belt and scarf rings

18-loop-scarf-hanger-1 31s8rtccdkl

9. Insert dividers in your drawers – great for organising your undies, socks/tights and even rolled up vest tops


10. Use shelf dividers to organise your folded knits, bags, hats etc


I’d love to hear how you get on!


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