What to Wear When Working From Home

With many people adjusting to working from home it can be easy to fall into a habit of wearing joggers or pajamas.  While there’s something to be said for relaxing your style when not having to adhere to office dress codes some prefer to get dressed up to maintain a sense of normalcy.  We also know through research the clothes we wear affect and influence our mood.

To Dress Up or Dress Down

Many employers won’t be interested in what you wear while working from home as long as the work gets done and for many women dressing down at home gives them more time to get other things done.  What’s more, staying cosy and casual in your favourite lounge wear can be good for your mental health, particularly during these unprecedented times.

On the other hand continuing to dress up for work helps to keep a routine and maintain a sense of control.  Research has found dressing up in business wear increases productivity and helps us feel more competent in our work, something I have experienced personally and which has been confirmed several times over recent weeks when speaking with friends who are adjusting to home working.

We must also bear in mind for many suddenly finding themselves having to juggle their time between work and children, opting for full on office attire may not be the most practical option.  Maybe something like a blouse and jeans would be better and more versatile.

In addition to maintaining a flexible approach and tailoring our outfits for any given day or situation it’s really important to focus on how the clothes we choose to wear make us feel opting for garments/pieces that help us feel good. And with less focus on dress codes there’s no better time to experiment with your clothes and try different looks.

In my experience working from home means combining fashion and function.  And with a natural style personality comfort is really important so many of my go to trousers have stretch (with eased waistbands) which I team with relaxed knits and jersey lounge wear.  Here are a couple of my favourite go to outfits.

IMG_9931 (003)                           Working from home blog

It’s also worth taking time each morning to tune in with how you feel and choose pieces which make you feel good.  And don’t forget the use of colour to boost your mood.  I’m not suggesting you need to adorn yourself from top to toe in orange but teaming your favourite jeans and a white t-shirt with a scarf in one of your best (or favourite) colours will work wonders as does wearing a colourful pair of flip flops or slippers.

And don’t forget your make-up.  While I’m all for having make-up free days putting on a bit of mascara and lippy can lift your mood and help you feel more work ready.  Or maybe paint your nails – now is a great opportunity to experiment with colours you maybe wouldn’t normally wear.

I’d love to hear what your wearing while working from home.

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