Guide to Proper Fit

These days, with many different styles and cuts of clothing available it can be a real challenge keeping up with, and selecting the right pieces for your wardrobe.  With that in mind I’ve devoted this blog to exploring the basics of clothing fit and getting it right.  So why does getting the fit right matter?  Because Proper fit is key to style and looking put together.  Nothing cheapens an outfit more than poor fit  . . . . . . . . . not only do ill fitting clothes clothes make you look bigger they give the message to others your not invested in your appearance or aren’t happy with your body and are trying to hide it.

In an ideal world we’d all be able to buy garments straight of the shelf that fit us perfectly but unfortunately this is rarely the case.  I can’t stress the importance of buying the correct size and having a good tailor/alterations specialist so your can take those “almost fit” pieces and have them work their magic to make them “proper fit” pieces.  Read on for my guide to proper fit.


Jackets should stop at the waist or be long enough to cover the derriere.  Avoid jackets which stop on your bottom.  The shoulder seam sits ½-1” wide of shoulder which allows for the sleeve to full properly and the jacket lapels lie flat on the chest when the jacket is buttoned.  The sleeve length sits in the crease of your wrist, just touching the fleshy part of your palm.


For all buttoned up tops (this includes a shirt or blouse, cardigan and jacket) if the garment gapes our pulls across the bust it’s too small. The correct fit will allow east of movement without pulling.  For shirts worn buttoned up you should be able to insert one finger at the neck when fully buttoned.


Need to sit comfortably on your waist – if you experience spillage over the waistband you are wearing the wrong size and/or need to opt for a style with a higher waist.  With the exception of skinny jeans and leggings if the trouser is pulling under the curve of your bottom the trousers are too tight – the leg of the trouser should fall straight from the fullest part of your bottom.

The rise of the trouser is the correct length – not sagging or too tight.  Pockets and pleats remain closed – if they are pulling open, go up a size as the trousers are too tight.

Trouser hems are a little more involved – there are many variables depending on the cut of the trousers and whether your wearing them with heels or flats.  For full length trousers ensure the hem sits halfway down the length of your shoe and half way down the length of your heel.  Trousers that are too long and drag on the ground pull the eye down and trousers which are too short can look as though we’re going through an awkward teenage growth spurt!


As with trousers they need to sit comfortably on your waist, fall straight from your bottom and pockets or pleats should remain closed.  If loops are fitted to your skirts or trousers a belt should be worn.  Not wearing one will leave the outfit looking unfinished.

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