The Ultimate Beach Holiday Packing List


With just days until schools break up for many (myself included) that means our annual beach holiday is fast approaching.

If you’re jetting off to sunnier climes over the coming weeks and the thought of packing for your holiday fills you with dread then read my tips for creating the perfect capsule wardrobe which will have you looking perfect every step of the way with minimal effort and my handy hints for savvy packing so you can arrive at your destination feeling calm and collected.

Essential Holiday Items

Swimsuit or Bikini – A simple swimsuit or bikini that flatters your shape and boosts your confidence is all you need for fun in the sun

Kaftan – It’s this season’s key item and great for going from beachwear to teaming with white linen trousers and a vest top for a glam evening look

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Maxi dress – Easy to wear and great for hiding any lumps and bumps!

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Selection of tops – Opt for smart casual tops as they are more versatile to dress up or down

Tailored shorts – Plain shorts are more versatile.  Wear with a swimsuit and flip flops round the pool and wedges and statement accessories for the evening

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Sun hat – Besides sun protection they give a really stylish edge to daytime outfits – choose trilby’s and panama styles to go with shorts, t-shirt and flip flops and larger, more glamorous or cowgirl styles with maxi dresses

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Underwear – Opt for neutral and remember you’ll be in your swimwear during the day so you don’t need to take hundreds of knickers and bra’s with you

Shoes – Limit yourself to one pair for the day and one pair for the evening.  Wedges are more versatile than heels and gladiator sandals are great for doubling up as day and night shoes. Stick to one colour (nude is my preference) – it will make dressing a lot easier

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Jewellery – Long necklaces and bangles will look great worn day or night.


  1. Keep your colour scheme simple – navy, black, white and camel worn with a splash of colour and/or pattern will look fab
  2. Do at least two ‘edits’ before packing your clothes – none of us wear more than half of the clothes we take away
  3. Put the heaviest items (shoes and toiletries) at the bottom of your suitcase
  4. Ditch anything that doesn’t fit
  5. Wrap bottles in plastic bags to protect your clothes from leaks – it also gives you ample storage for dirty clothes on the way home
  6. Make sure you reuse as many pieces as possible across your outfits
  7. Pack your hat by filling it with swimwear/underwear, place it in the middle of your suitcase and pack the rest of your clothes around it, to prevent damage
  8. Roll up your clothes – not only will you save space you’ll also keep your clothes from getting creased
  9. Pack logically – if you’re arriving at your destination in the middle of the night, make sure your nightwear, toothbrush and hairbrush are near the top of the case. If you’re planning on diving straight in the pool, put your beach towel, sun lotion and bikini/swimsuit at the top.

Happy holidays!




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